Day 1: May 19, 2014

Today was a traveling day. Katie and I left her place in Philly around 3PM and made it to the Best Western in D.C. (where Katie was keeping her car for the duration of our trip) around 6:30PM… only to find that the shuttle that would take us to the airport would not be picking us up until 7PM. With our plane boarding at 7:50PM, we were a little nervous. However, what could we do but chill with our luggage and open Iceland traveling presents from Katie’s mama.

For those wondering, a GOGIRL is a “female urination device” that allows us females to pee standing up while “on the go.” Hahaha, thank you Mama Blumberh 🙂

Luckily, our shuttle was slightly early, and we made it to the Iceland Air bag check around 7:20PM. Security was a breeze, and we were chilling at our gate by 7:40PM. Katie and I made our goodbye phone calls and got ready to board our plane!

I’m not sure that Iceland Air gets the best reviews, but it was fine for us! We got complimentary pillows with Icelandic lullabies printed on them, blankets, and water!

There were movies and shows to watch on the screens behind each head rest as well. We were set for our journey to Iceland and we slept (mostly) through our flight.

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