Day 5: May 23, 2014

This morning we woke around 9:00AM in our lovely campsite in Vatnakojull.

I paid 1000ISK for a 10 minute shower… and it was magical. Beyond worth it.

After my shower and some breakfast, we made our way to Vik – the city that Charlie was so fond of! On route, we stopped to check out new terrain (surprise): moss covered volcanic rock!

…and we failed at befriending sheep once again. As we got closer to Vik, the landscape turned into green mountains and bizarrely chiseled black rock. Straight oughta Zelda, dude.

The town itself was pretty sick. As we drove through, we decided that our first stop would be the black sand beaches! The sand was so soft and so were almost all of the rocks scattered about the beach.

Post beach walk, we came across an actual restaurant (one not called “restaurant-bar”)!! We treated ourselves to our first true Icelandic meal at Halldorskaffi… and it was delicious 🙂 We also treated ourselves to dessert: half shots of Brennivin (the Icelandic vodka) and icecream!

Everything is local… making the food incredible (and this was just the start of our food frenzy… such good food). After our tasty meal, we ventured back to the heart of Vik and went exploring. The highlight of the Vik adventure for me was stumbling upon the most BEAUTIFUL garden – and it was someone’s backyard!

Around 3:00PM we started brainstorming about what to do with the rest of our time since we were so ahead of schedule. We concluded that we’d: go see Geysir and Gullfoss, then park in Pingvellir (a national park), sleep, explore it the following day, and attempt to extend our car rental afterwards.

Geysir and Gullfoss were officially our next points of interest, so away we went! (They’re very close to each other). On route, Iceland turned into Ireland, and we took some hipster pictures next to a barn because it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time. No regrets.

We passed some cows for the first time! With all of our failed attempts with sheep (and horses, none of the horses were interested in us), we tried to befriend the cows… and they loved us 🙂 🙂 🙂

And I loved them!

We found Geysir with our map instead of with the GPS, that felt pretty traveling-adventure like. When we got to Geysir, it was actually touristy. And we weren’t as impressed as we expected to be (we had seen some amazing things by this point). But we watched the big Geysir explode and wandered around all the same.

The geysirs did get more interesting as we checked them out – they were so, so blue and you could see that they had a lot of depth. I am not sure that my pictures do them justice!

After Geysir, we traveled about 10km east to Gullfoss, another famous waterfall in Iceland. We stopped in the visitor’s center and I found these:


We’d seen a ton of waterfalls on this trip, so we weren’t sure that we’d be all that amazed… we were wrong. It was really cool and the hike to get there was smooth and easy, exactly what we needed and much appreciated after our past few days.

After Gullfoss, we used our map and traveled toward Pingvellir, which, although the sky was cloudy and thinking about raining, was still beautiful. And Iceland revealed yet another terrain to us. Classic Iceland.

Here we are getting ready for bed and the adventures of Day 6:

Good night!

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