Day 7: May 25, 2014

Our hostel mates decided to wake up around 7:00AM and were not very talented in the skill of not waking those sleeping in their vicinity. It was very difficult to fall back asleep after they left, so Katie and I laid around and started our own incredibly lazy yet wonderful day around 10:00AM.

We passed these notes in the hallway on our way out:

Our hostel was too cool for us.

Our first stop of the day was a farmer’s market – it was gigantic, much different than I imagined it to be. It was in a warehouse and there was not only food but also trinkets, clothing, artwork, jewelry etc. – the type of things that are fun to browse but rarely worth buying. Something worth mentioning: the eggs that were sold there were beautiful! I’m not sure what type of eggs they were but they were speckled and different hughes of blue and brown.

Katamus bought a fish-bag (dry fish, I think? something that was on her list of Icelandic things to try) and, after we finally got it open, we left the market and continued our exploration of Reykjavik.

Katie had researched a more local restaurant (off of the main touristy streets of the city) for us to try for lunch called “Fish and Chips.” It was a struggle and a half to find it (the street numbers in Reykjavik go up and down whenever they feel like it), but we did find it eventually! Here are some pictures on route to Fish and Chips:

This lunch was totally worth the struggle. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was sick!

Katie was all about her salmon and I was all about my greens and sweet potato fries.

After lunch, we wandered into the library. The first floor featured some captivating art, so we checked it out for a bit before heading to the Reykjavik Art Museum.


Once there, we decided against paying to see the exhibit and stayed in the gift shop area where Katamus found a sweet card and I fell in love with this Jimi Hendrix quote: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Love love love.

We were getting hungry again, so we went back to our hostel to try some of its food (the ratings online for Kex’s food are high!).

A cool bench that we passed on the way back to Kex:

We wanted the dinner menu, and we were about 15-20 minutes away from the lunch-to-dinner-menu-swap, so we ventured back out and sat by what I assumed to be a sculpture of a viking ship, but nonetheless a well known monument in Reykjavik by the water.

Upon return to the hostel, the menu had changed and our tummies were rumbly. My dish ended up being orgasmically delicious. It was a salad with warm goat cheese and toast on top… sounds simple, tasted like heaven. Katie and I split a dessert of warm “Diron” cheese in honey with baked nuts and sugar on top and a woodsy jam on the side. The dessert wasn’t bad but my dinner took the crown.

We went back out after dinner to get some more dessert. Some pictures on route to dessert stop numero uno:

(In Iceland, take out is called “take away,” which tickled me).

We found an ice cream spot and I got blue mint chocolate chip and coffee ice cream 🙂 (but Katie wanted a different type of dessert, so we continued our journey to dessert stop numero dos after sitting and chatting over my ice cream for a bit).

Dessert stop numero dos was an adorable coffee shop called Babalu. Katamus got the tastiest hot chocolate that has ever existed and I got a take away pesto, tomato, and mozzarella panini for later that night. We sat and talked for quite a while. I became fascinated by a couple sitting on a couch a little ways from our table. It was fun to watch them interact. My guess was an American man and an Icelandic woman that appeared to have recently met, since they were discussing their careers and dreams as if the other had never heard it before.

Here is a picture that I took on Day 6 of the outside of Babalu:

After our time in Babalu, we went back to our hostel, showered in the public shower, chilled, wrote, and called it an early night. It was a well earned lazy day and a much appreciated restful night.

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