Day 8: May 26, 2014

Dawn of the final day.

We checked out of Kex in the morning, I stole some bread, cheese and OJ for breakfast, and away we went to the Blue Lagoon. On our way out of Reykjavik, Katamus needed to stop at the hot dog stand one last time.

We were so ready to be pampered at Bla Lonio (blueeee lagoooon). We found our destination with ease and followed the light blue waters to the visitors center.

The man that checked us in was stupendous at his job. His stature, his gait, his voice… all woven together to create the exact luxurious type needed to check you in to your day at the spa. The wrist band that we purchased was a 2/4 on this scale: 1. cheap 2. not as cheap 3. expensive 4. maybe one day when I own a private jet. Our band included: a towel, a robe, a Blue Lagoon lotion product, one drink at the in-water bar, and one face mask (either algae or volcanic rock). We splurged and each bought in-water massages as well. Mostly because, massage.

Our wrist bands had a chip in them that let us in and out of the changing/showering area, locked our lockers, and gave the bartender the green light to give us drinks and face masks.

The faces of luxury.

We got into the water around 11:00AM and our massages were scheduled for 1:40PM. Some memories worth mentioning that occurred in that 2-3 hour period:

– there were free Silica mud masks in buckets all around the Lagoon. They made those wearing them look like mud monsters but the benefit of incredibly soft skin/playing with mud was totally worth the cost.

– I peed 3 times, Katie peed 4. If you go to the Blue Lagoon, there will be both luxury and pee.

– I chose the volcanic rock face mask, and Katie chose the algae. I’m not sure if the masks made the skin on our faces incredibly smooth or removed a few layers of skin which then made our faces smooth… but, either way, these masks were magical.

– there is a sauna right outside of the water on one end of the Lagoon. It is the most intense sauna I have ever experienced. The aesthetics were awesome – it was in a dark cave with wooden seats. However, after about 3 minutes, I was having a lot of trouble breathing.

Finally, our massages were wonderful. You lay on your back on a pool floatie (I am not sure what else to call it… it’s like a yoga mat that floats on the water) and are covered by a wet towel that the masseuse uses to keep you warm (the water is very warm and the air is 50-ish degrees Fahrenheit). Every 2 or 3 minutes, the masseuse dips you back into the water up to your neck, which gets the towel wet and warm which, in turn, keeps you warm! While my massage was only 20 minutes, my masseuse got me all oily and massaged my feet, back, neck, head, and face. No complaints here.

All in all, the Blue Lagoon was a wonderful pampering experience. We showered, changed, and headed to the Lagoon Cafe for a “last meal” before we headed back into the wilderness.

Our last stop of the trip was Pinvellir. On route, Katie recognized the Icelandic liquor store, Vinbudin!

I think there might be 2 or 3 in all of Iceland. I am not making a joke.

We went in and were able to create our own six packs! We bought our favorite Icelandic beers, dark Kaldi and Gull, as well as the Budweiser of Iceland, Viking, for our parents and the boyfriends. Katie bought some Brennivin too, and we were good to go.

Also on route to Pingvellir, we passed by the most beautiful horses. As we were passing, I swore that one was caught on barbed wire, and quickly turned the car around to help the horse. Turns our he was scratching an itch on his neck. However, my worry led to us attempting one final time to be friends with the horses… and these horses were into it!!

This one deserves to stand on his or her own:

After our time with the horsies, we made it back to Pingvellir. Unfortunately, the visitors center closed at 17:00 and we pulled up at 17:15… so, we ventured on without a pamphlet or map of any sort. The maps that were dispersed throughout the park all lacked the essential “you are here” stamp. We were on our own.

Some cool things we saw along our way:

In our search of a particular well known trail, we came upon a mountain that seemed rather scalable. It overlooked a gorgeous lake, and we noticed that there were four others climbing it. We decided to climb the smaller portion of it! We hopped the small fence and ventured to the mountain.

The softest moss in the world greeted us on the other side:

It enveloped your feet as you walked.

We managed to scale the smaller side of the mountain and the terrain up there was very pretty. I loved the orange rocks against the blue lake. I also managed to fall on our way back down to Roo. I ripped my leggings and gave myself a battle wound – now I have a roadtrip scar and an Iceland scar!

After our hike, we found another map. Katie knew the name of the well known area in the park and, with that information, only a few wrong turns, and the help of our garmin, we were able to figure out where our trail head was located!

Ironically, the trail was right behind the first visitors center… the one that closed fifteen minutes before we arrived. The hike was beautiful and easy. Both of us were so ready to be back in the States, but this hike was worth our time and energy. The terrain was gorgeous (is it even worth saying typical Iceland at this point?) and we saw a lot of birds!! (We had only really seen sheep, cows, and horses before).

There was a church on this trail that Katamus had been dying to see.

The church was very pretty, but my favorite part of the trail was a happy accident. As we were heading back to Roo, we found a stream surrounded by moss covered rock with the stillest, bluest, clearest water I had ever seen in my life. It was obvious that travelers before us had made wishes in the water, so we did the same.

I snapped these pictures on the way back to Roo:

Hehe, birdies 🙂

Once with Roo, Katie and I drove to our campsite and began to attempt to repack our belongings in a way that cushioned our alcoholic purchases. I decided that I would have an easier time when I had my sleeping bag and pillow to use, so I saved my packing for the morning. We stayed up, took some sips of Brennivin, and relived our favorite parts of our amazing trip before going to bed for the last time in Iceland.

Annnndddd I’ll just leave this here…

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