Day 34: July 25, 2013

Let me preface this day with a gentle warning: this is the laziest day that anyone has ever had. Does it make for an exciting read? Nope. Was it a part of the roadtrip? Yep. Am I perfectionist unable to not publish a day even if that day consisted of nothing? Definitely.

So, without further ado, here is the laziest of lazy days:

I don’t know when we woke, but Taylor was up before me, and he made us omelets for breakfast. After the laborious task of eating, we spent our day lazing around the house: checking email, writing, napping etc. I scheduled an appointment with a local doctor to check my throat (it had been bothering me since the morning) for 5PM.

For lunch we made horderves: cheese, crackers, and summer sausage. Steve, a friend of Christine’s, stopped by to walk Duey and Della. We shared our meal and chatted with him for a bit; he was very kind (surprise, surprise!).

We actually stepped outside around 4PM to drive Eddie to Black Hawk, a nearby town, for my doctor’s appointment.

I tested negative for Strep! Yahoo! By the time we got back to Christine’s she was home, and she offered to make us dinner again!! We chowed down on chicken cordon bleu, salad, and potatoes. A direct quote from my roadtrip journal, “It has been so nice to have home-cooked meals with Christine. I’ve missed eating meals at a table.”

To end our lazy day on an appropriate note, we each had two servings of vanilla ice-cream and watched “It’s Complicated.” When the movie finished, Christine and the pups called it a night; however, Taylor and I were still awake (amazing, since we had used so much energy throughout the day). We chose “Love Actually” from Christine’s movie selection and snuggled on the couch before going to bed.

A truly perfect ending to a truly lazy day. After our 33 days of nonstop adventure and impromptu fourteener the day before, we both agreed that we had earned and very much enjoyed our lazy day.

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