Day 36: July 27, 2013

We began our day today knowing that we were 18.5 hours from Ray in Nashville, our next stop of the trip. Christine got us delicious cinnamon buns to send us on our way – but we left in such a rush that we forgot to take a handholding-panorama picture with her and the pups!

We traveled 13.5 hours this day through the middle of the country, which appears to look like this…


Some highlights from the car-ride include:

– We realized that we had put another 5,000 miles on Eddie, so we stopped by a Jiffy Lube for an oil change somewhere along the way. We ate vanilla frosties from the neighboring Wendy’s and chatted with the Jiffy Lube dudes, who were loving our roadtrip stories!

– We crossed into Kansas, and I got a cookie!

– Once in Kansas, we knew that we had to get its staple – barbecue. We originally followed Ellie to a BBQ spot in Manhattan, KS (home of Kansas State College!), but the restaurant had closed and was abandoned. Hungry, we asked a local if he had any recommendations for a Kansas BBQ experience. He recommended Cox, and we were on our way. The BBQ was fine, but the sweet potatoes fries were wonderful!

We ended our drive in a Missouri hotel parking lot around 2 or 3AM. The day was a blur, and we were very happy to go to bed only 5 hours from Nashville.

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